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High School Divisions

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Intermediate Level

Advanced Level
Tier I Mixed
Tier II Mixed

Exact schedule to be announced.

Fees and Registration

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The entry fee is $500 per choir.

Download Technical Forms here

Submit Technical Forms to Submit forms no later than Feb. 9, 2024.

Competition Rules

Setup and Technical Crew
Please fill out and submit your Technical Forms as soon as possible. The host tech crew can accomodate special requests when they are coordinated in advance. Technical Forms include lighting and mic cues, stage configuration, contact information and more. The form is a fillable PDF.

Submit Technical Forms to Submit forms no later than Feb. 9, 2024.

We provide 16 4’x8′ StageRight risers, four deep and four wide, at 12″ height increments, with stairs. Please do not bring risers. Custom stairs and riser configurations can be indicated in your Technical Forms.

We allow special effects and electronic equipment. Please indicate any special equipment in your Technical Forms.

Advanced ensembles must feature live instrumental accompaniment. All other ensembles may be accompanied by a pre-recorded track. We recommend choirs provide their own portable sound system to manage and control their own pre-recorded instrumental tracks. Otherwise, provide your track(s) to the host sound crew the day of your performance.

We provide a drum set, piano keyboard, chairs and music stands. Only the in-house sound system will be used for microphones and general sound control. We will provide five microphones at the front of the stage and a sixth for handheld use. These items may be customized and specified in your Technical Forms.

Each choir is alloted a performance time limit including their load-in, setup, performance, teardown, and load-out. Times vary based on division:

Novice & Intermediate Ensembles: 25 min.
Adv. Bass, Treble, Tier II Mixed: 30 min.
Adv. Tier I Mixed: 35 min.

Penalties are assessed in overal scoring if a choir exceeds their alloted performance time. Coordinate with the host tech crew to ensure a smooth setup.

Performers and Guests
Please respect competition volunteers and administrators. Our team works to maximize the safety and enjoyment of all our guests and performers.

Remain seated during performances. Spectators may leave and enter the Performing Arts Center only between performances. Appropriate audience behavior is expected. No food or drinks are allowed in the theater.

We encourage a “one student, one choir” policy. Please refrain from featuring students in multiple ensembles, particularly between advanced, intermediate, and novice divisions. Please contact the competition host in advance if you anticipate including multiple students in more than one ensemble you bring (bass choirs excepted).

No videography or photography in the theater during performances. Participating choirs may designate one or two individuals to record for their group.

Only one performing group is allowed backstage/onstage at a time. Do not enter the stage or setup areas if your ensemble is not performing.

No controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons are allowed on campus at any time.



Our compeition adjudication is managed by Carmen Scoring System.


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