Why Choir?

ALL people interact with music on a daily basis!

Music reflects our identity as individuals, as well as the identity of communities and cultures as they exist within specific times and places. A musical education gives an artistic insight into the human condition that no other subject can. The voice is the original musical instrument and has been used as an expressive tool for as long as life has existed in the universe.

In the Esperanza High School choirs, students gain insight into human existence, as it applies to them personally as well as to greater communities through music, and specifically, singing.

The most important learning material students engage with is the music we sing on a daily basis. Music is chosen that reflects students’ musical interests and curiosities, and includes styles they might be very familiar with or completely new to. It also reflects the teacher’s interests and expertise. Curricular materials are culturally responsive cultivating an environment of rigorous musical learning, building upon students’ cultural competence, and helping them
become critical thinkers and productive citizens.

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